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The boundless East China Sea has spawned the first-born of Chinese modern national industry and fostered the “Mother Industry” of Shanghai. During the past 150 years, she has grown into a huge conglomerate with the longest history and the most fashionable image. Her name is “SHANGTEX”.


Since the founding of PRC, Textile Industry has been Shanghais primary industry for a long time and accounts for half of the nations output. With 550,000 peoples devotion and dedication, the industry is continuously concerned by country leaders.


In recent years, by adhering to the strategy of “Science and Fashion”, SHANGTEX has been striving to devote itself into the fashion industry commensurate to Shanghais metropolitan image. With great achievements in innovative transformation, SHANGTEX has been rewarded with the gold medal of National Enterprise Management Modernization Achievement.



Numerous time-honored brands such as Three Gun and Minguang with 80 years history, Chrysanthemum with 100 years history have been injected with new elements of “Science and Fashion” and keep abreast with the times. Three Gun and Conch are awarded as China Famous Trademarks and China Well-known Brands. Three Gun has ranked the first in domestic market share for 18 years in a row. With more than 3,000 stores (channels) nationwide, Three Gun is named “the Most Complete Distribution Channels in China’s Underwear Market” by Morgan Stanley.


The high-end apparel brand Prolivon has set up 23 stores in premium business districts. and the brand is popular among its target customers.


Our Children’s apparel brand Three Guns in cooperation with Disney is very popular. Lingerie in cooperation with Italian brand Navigare has been launched.


Over the past 20 years, SHANGTEX has hosted Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival led by the Shanghai Municipal Government. Shanghai Fashion Week has been established in synchronization with the European and American fashion. Hundreds of fashion shows are held every spring and autumn, which attract activeparticipation of fashion celebrities. The “One Festival and One Week” Program has been upgraded to national trade and cultural events.


Shanghai is becoming the fifth fashion capital after Paris, Milan, London and New York. SHANGTEX is becoming  the new fashion name card of Shanghai.


SHANGTEX has made breakthroughs in cutting edge technology and developed innovative fabric products for aerospace, aviation and navigation. It also made great contributions to the Shenzhou series of human spacecraft missions. Many top authorities in home and abroad have been invited as our experts.


SHANGTEX has been driving its transformation into high-tech, automation and intelligence. It is building a tailor-made system. With the development of wearable smart devices, more smart apparel will be available.

SHANGTEX produces 24 million knitwears per year with the cooperation with Hongkong WISEKNIT Factory Limited, and is aiming at No.1 knitwear producer in Asia.

The proprietary technology of Aramid fiber is unique in heat resistance, breaking the technology monopoly of DuPont USA. A series of heat resistance and protection products are popular in North America. “Fire Kirin”, a heat resistance product, becomes a new generation of household fabric product.


Lyocell, a green fiber initiated for the first time globally, fills the gap of environmental-friendly fiber in China and breaks the technology monopoly of Lenzing Group. This shot of fiber made of bamboo enjoys board prospects in the market.


The newly-developed differentiated fibers such as multifunctional nano composite flame retardant polyester fiber, coffee fiber, and thermal fiber by Shanghai Defulun Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. have won a number of national patents.


Now SHANGTEX has 27 factories nationwide, and thus become the major supplier for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, General Motors, Honda, Nissan, and Mazda. Relevant products have entered the field of large aircraft manufacturing and begun to undertake high-speed train projects.


SHANGTEX has become the largest domestic manufacturer of wide PVC flexible composite membrane structure materials. Its products are not only multi-functional but also highly qualified.



SHANGTEX has accelerated its internationalization process. With the global 1+5 strategy, it established five oversea bases, including materials, products, sales, R&D, supply and delivery.


SHANGTEX boasts more than 30 yearsexperience in the international trade with customers in over 100 countries and regions around the worldearning it a global fame.

It owns 9 large-scale foreign trade companies with a total import and export volume of more than USD 5 billion in 2014, becoming the largest textile and apparel export enterprise in China.


SHANGTEX has set up 6 regional companies worldwide and has established sound trade cooperation relationships with well-known companies such as H&M, NIKE, ZARA, C&A Uniqlo etc. SHANGTEX has been establishing processing bases in Africa and ASEAN. Its asset-light strategy has achieved initial success.


SHANGTEX has been expanding its foreign trade business scope to involve in import and export businesses of non-textile products such as steel, wood, ship, food, etc. The proportion of imports continues to increase, accounting for over 25% of the total import and export volume.



SHANGTEX has launched various cooperation projects with well-known international brands such as Copenhagen Fur from Denmark, LACOSTE from France, DuPont and Adidas from the US. Through acquiring international brands and channels, signing on excellent designer teams from home and abroad, SHANGTEX has set up high-end design bases of apparel and accessories in China and Europe.





With the holding of 3 million square meters real estate, SHANGTEX is making a further move into fashion industry. It also cooperates with inner land regions to develop art centers.

In Shaoxing, Jiangsu Province, Shangtex has been developing a high quality fashion industry project Central Lake Park in the area of 11.34 hectares, with floor area of 365 thousand square meters


SHANGTEX is the first to build fashion parks in Shanghai using abandoned factories. Over 60 old factories and warehouses have been renovated and converted to creative fashion parks. SHANGTEX is planning to build a new landmark named Global Fashion Center, which spreads fashion culture and lifestyle worldwide 24 hours a day.


In M50, Chinese and foreign artistic talents are working on art and creations, forming a scenery of creativity and fashion.

Shanghai International Fashion Center has a multi-functional space known as the biggest show center in Asia. It has been built into the largest fashion cluster with the combination of culture, travel and business.


The five dimensional space is the largest wedding photography base in Eastern China

SGANGTEX has managed to become a dark horse in the field of fashion education. Trainings for fashion buyers and fashion design elites have been favored by experts.

These elements pose the new fashion landmarks of Shanghai.



SHANGTEX established cooperation with major commercial banks worldwide and built foreign exchange and RMB cash pool based on FTA., meanwhile established a finace company and a fashion industy development fund.It also founded Shanghai international cotton trade center. By financing, equity trading and gathering social resource, it achieved management of property, capital and credit.


SHANGTEX has established strategic cooperative partnerships with district governments as well as group corporations and universities, aiming at achieving new developments.



Time flies, times change.


Pursuant to the development strategy of “marketization, internationalization, institutionalization, specialization, systematization and informatization, ”, SHANGTEX has recorded a double-digit growth of revenue and profit with its global strategy. The group will forge ahead to double the scale and benefits in 5 years and have the entire group listed so as to become a more well-known, competitive and influential multinational group with global presence and international operations. In addition, the group aims to be ranked among the Top 100 of China multinational corporations and the biggest comprehensive textile and apparel transnational trading group specializing in fashion business so that it will become the image of Shanghai urban industry, the carrier of Shanghai international fashion capital and a new name card of Shanghai.


Filled with great ambitions and guided by the spirit of “Science and Fashion”, SHANGTEX will strive to overcome difficulties and march forward courageously during the new round of reform and development. The fashion seeds sowed and flowers cultivated by SHANGTEX will be sparkling nationwide and all over the world.






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